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Service and maintenance

When it comes to service and maintenance, we understand exactly what you need: no hassle, optimal availability and fast response times. That's exactly what you'll get with VHM.

We're here for you, at any time. Especially if you’ve just started using our machines.

We understand that once we’ve provided you with machines and systems, you may need to get hold of us. Sometimes, an issue can wait, but on other occasions, you might need to talk to us right away. Perhaps something didn't go as planned - and action is needed fast. Don’t worry, you'll be fine!

Optimal support

Our engineers are there for you

Whether during harvesting, processing, or packing - downtime is never convenient. That's why you can always call us. Even after five PM or on Sundays, if it really can't wait. We can remotely monitor your machines in real-time and solve many malfunctions remotely. If not, we'll be there right away.

Plug & play

Easy to connect and link

VHM's tried-and-tested machines excel when it comes to efficiency and simplicity. That includes connecting to and working with partners’ solutions. Connecting really is just a matter of 'plug & play'. Integration with existing sorting and packaging installations is also possible.


We promise our machines are always ready for you

Selecting VHM machines means choosing convenience and security. We understand how important continuity is to you and we design and manufacture our machines in such a way that they just work all the time. This helps you work faster, better, and more efficiently.


Machines connected online 24/7

Good to know: we can link your machines to our facility in Ens 24/7. We can continuously monitor operation of the machines that do your hard work. If anything goes wrong, we’ll know about it immediately. We can inform you and help out - often providing a remote solution right away.


Want to know more about the inventors, developers, engineers, programmers, and constructors behind those beautiful orange VHM machines?