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Bigbag Series

The fastest, most efficient route to upright, neatly filled big bags. Product-friendly and part of our modular system.
Suitable for use with every VHM box filler
Fill 25 big bags per hour
Electrically operable
Filling at the push of a button

Why choose the BigbagBin?

In combination with a VHM box filler, you can fill the BigbagBin to the desired weight right away. Next, you can hang a big bag on the Bin and operate it from your forklift, completely electrically. There is only one moment at which you need to get off if the forklift. The easiest and most efficient method for realising upright, neatly filled big bags.

The benefits

  • Easily hang big bags
  • Suitable for big bags of various sizes
  • Low threshold for orderly filling of big bags
  • Robust & sturdy

Suitable for


Easily hang
big bags


Combined with a VHM box filler, you can fill the BigbagBin directly, and to the desired weight.


Quickly and easily fill big bags

The most cost-effective way to fill big bags as quickly and easily as possible.

Bigbag attachment

The perfect machine in three steps

Inventory of needs and requirements

We visit and take a detailed look at your business, processes, and challenges. We listen to what you want and investigate where the opportunities lie.

Developing the optimal process

We get to work for you and provide insights into the optimal process for your specific situation. We’ll turn bottlenecks into streamlined, fast links.

Agreement reached? Get started quickly!

If you agree to our proposal, we work everything out for you. We make sure that you can get started with your new machines and systems as soon as possible.

Discover all the benefits

Download the product sheet and discover all the benefits.