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Together we make the difference

We can make VHM-machines a valuable and integrated part of total machinery solutions

Let's work together!

VHM's tried-and-tested machines excel when it comes to efficiency and simplicity. That includes connecting and collaborating with partners’ solutions. That’s especially interesting for system integrators working for large companies with a diverse range of machinery. Let's work together!

The power of the ecosystem

VHM knows just what goes on with our customers in the chain from farmland to shopping basket. We are aware that, especially with the larger players, we are just part of an existing ecosystem - but often a crucial part. That’s why we do all we can to provide as much added value as possible to that ecosystem. With solid machines that are reliable and excel when it comes to efficiency and simplicity. Machines that can be easily integrated into existing or new machinery developed with third parties, without compromising on safety and efficiency.


TOP the Onion Group

“In our box logistics, forklifts will be unnecessary within five years.“

Benny Murre, directeur TOP The Onion Group
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Curious about the possibilities our machines offer?

Let's make a difference together.