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Where are you right now? Where do you want to go?

Potentially difficult questions, maybe. However, it's essential to reflect on them. Making the right decisions starts with knowing where you want to go. Need assistance?

The world is changing. Is your business changing with it?

Look around and you'll see everything is changing. For growers and processors of our daily food, the world never stops. Sure, crops still grow on the land or in greenhouses. But everything connected to that is more dynamic than ever. If you want to keep doing business successfully, you simply have to change, too. Don't worry, though - we've got you covered!

Fewer people available

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the right employees. It seems as if fewer people want to work in arable farming and the food industry. This leads to tough new challenges. Especially given population growth and the increasing need for food. This is just something we need to deal with.


Scaling up

Companies in the chain from farmland to shopping basket are growing in size. Through autonomous growth, but certainly also through acquisitions. This brings considerable economies of scale. At the same time, you need to think carefully about running your growing business as efficiently as possible. We have plenty of ideas about how to do that, and the machines to make it happen.


Fewer forklift movements

Fewer forklift movements in production facilities. Sounds good and improves tranquility, overview, and safety on the work floor. It’s also a big benefit at a time when qualified forklift drivers are hard to find. Smart automation helps you solve this challenge and makes work easier.


Greater efficiency

All entrepreneurs want the same thing: to enhance productivity and growth. However, a shrinking labour market is making this harder. With smart machines and integrations, we help you enable growth, boost productivity, and reduce human error. That makes a big difference.


Less downtime

It's great that machines do their job so well and that you can be sure that they always work. Thanks to our long experience and the use of high-quality materials and reliable technology, our machines’ uptime is better than ever. That gives you peace of mind.


The best for your produce

In order to remain successful, you simply have to keep investing in automation and new machines. However, this should not be at the expense of your wonderful produce. You need to choose machines that handle produce with a careful touch and prevent unwanted mixing as much as possible.


Good-looking machines

Of course, looks aren’t everything. However, we think that machines that make a difference for you should look good. Tough, solid, with that recognisable orange color. Nice!