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We'll solve your challenges together.

No matter what bottlenecks your company is dealing with, we assist in turning them into efficient, swift processes. It's about changing ways of thinking and taking on challenges.

We would like to talk to you.

About your company. Your processes. Your challenges. And how we might best assist you in working more efficiently by deploying our machines in a smart way. There are many possibilities. But you need to know where you are right now and where you want to go.

More efficiency, greater scalability, and fewer forklift movements.

The entire chain faces a multitude of challenges, such as recruiting and retaining labor, stricter laws and regulations, and the consequences of climate change. Whatever challenges you may encounter, the demand for increased efficiency, greater scalability, and reduced forklift movements is prevalent among many clients. We would be delighted to discuss this with you.


Reach your goals with the deployment of the right machinery.

Once you have a clear understanding of where your company stands and where you want to go, we assist you in achieving your goals with the deployment of the right machinery. We understand that you aim for the shortest possible payback period. It's good to know that our machines easily scale with your business and are modular in use. This ensures that you always make a secure investment.


Top the Onion Group

“The fewer forklift movements, the more peace and clarity.“

Benny Murre
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Inventory of needs and requirements

We visit and take a detailed look at your business, processes, and challenges. We listen to what you want and investigate where the opportunities lie.

Developing the optimal process

We get to work for you and provide insights into the optimal process for your specific situation. We’ll turn bottlenecks into streamlined, fast links.

Agreement reached? Get started quickly!

If you agree to our proposal, we work everything out for you. We make sure that you can get started with your new machines and systems as soon as possible.

Our story

Smart, cost-saving systems for the food, agriculture, and industrial sectors.