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19 June 2024

"Isn't it great that our idea led to the MonoFilr Pro?"


Close to the Wadden Sea, just outside the Frisian town of Sexbierum, lies the beautiful Nammensma family business. The partnership consisting of son Jasper and his parents is highly enthusiastic about their investment in the MonoFilr Pro. Together with VHM, a prototype was developed and used in a year-long test run on the farm Jasper and his father have now been using the new machine for three years without any problems.

The ambition

Jasper Nammensma: “Our beautiful arable farm’s long history and favourable location on the Wadden Sea is certainly unique. The weather here is excellent, as temperatures are moderate. The ground is also very fertile and highly suitable for the cultivation of seed potatoes, thanks to the light sandy soil. This ensures many tubers grow on the potato plants. Our seed potatoes are therefore highly sought after all over the world. Onions and our other crops also do very well here. Our vision for the future is to further optimize."

The challenge

"One challenge we face is climate change. You can see weather conditions becoming increasingly extreme. It’s warmer and drier. Once it starts raining, periods of precipitation last longer. Also, more rain will fall in a given period. Five millimetres of precipitation used to be normal, but twenty millimetres no longer surprises us.

Another challenge is creating more efficiency in our business processes. Labour is scarce and to achieve the required volumes with a limited number of people, you simply must automate. I have been saying this for some time and we are all convinced of that. Fortunately, my parents give me all the space I need to find a solution. That's how the collaboration with VHM came about."

About Mts Nammensma

The history of the family business stretches back no less than seven generations. In 1827, Jan Gerrit Koudenberg came up with a solution for securing a repeatedly collapsing dam during the dredging of a drainage canal in Sexbierum. The owner was so impressed that Koudenberg was allowed to lease the farm. A granddaughter married Jan, which led to the first generation with the current owner’s name. In 1940 the farm burned down and was rebuilt by an architect. The current generation now grows potatoes (seed and for consumption), onions, sugar beets and wheat on 85 hectares.


The solution

"We have about 2,000 crates here that are filled twice a year. To do this as efficiently as possible, we use VHM's MonoFilr Pro. It was our idea to use a MonoFilr in combination with a buffer belt. The prototype was in operation here for a year to gain experience. This went exceedingly well and after a year we purchased the new model. The MonoFilr Pro has been running here for three years now to our full satisfaction."

"A big advantage of this machine is that you can avoid cones in boxes. The machine splits the flow of potatoes or onions, so that crates are filled nicely and evenly. This ensures perfect drying of the crops and prevents rotting and waste. We are therefore very happy with the MonoFilr Pro. A very solid machine, which hardly ever has malfunctions. An ideal piece of machinery, also for smaller arable farmers, working up to 50 hectares."

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“We look to the future of our company with great confidence. However, it is important to keep up with the times. Responding optimally to the demands of the future brings new requirements. In other words, emitting less CO2,  using sustainable energy, switching to resistant crops and automation. With VHM as a pleasant and reliable partner as far as I'm concerned."


“An ideal piece of machinery, also for smaller arable farmers.”

Jasper Nammensma



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