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Our story

The family business is our life's work which is never finished and handed on to each new generation. That's what we're going for.

How we see it

Companies in arable farming, sorters, processors, packers and storage and transshipment companies can work far more efficiently, create safer working environments, keep workers happier and, as a result, make more money. However, the sector remains overly traditional and insufficiently creative . If you want to move forward, you need to find a new, better balance. We'll help you!

For us, innovation is the driving force. The world is facing major challenges and needs to feed more people than ever. That's what we're going for, by making work more efficient and fun. We make sure you need to perform fewer actions with the same number of employees, thus achieving more in every area. We do this for customers, as well as for our own people - the most important capital there is.

We make sure you need to perform fewer actions with the same number of employees.

Neat start to our story, no? But we’re sure you'd like to know how we do it. First of all, we have a unique combination of knowledge, know-how and a professional network. This allows us to conceive and build unique systems.

Current owner Rik has a solid agricultural background, just like his brothers, father, and grandfather. A solid grounding in (mechanical) engineering, agriculture, and industry has enabled VHM to develop smart, cost-saving systems for every product and situation for years. Our mission: come up with solutions that make people wonder why no one came up with them before.

We work lean, we’re flexible, and we have everything in-house - including many great colleagues - as well as a large stock. As a result, we always respond quickly. Our focus is on service. We help you and we think and grow with you.

Almost every single walnut has been through a Dutch-made orange VHM machine.

The atmosphere at VHM is great. We work hard, make awesome machines, and have a lot of fun together. Everyone contributes and our customers appreciate that. We think it's really cool to be successful. Did you know, for example, that almost every walnut eaten has passed through over a Dutch-made orange VHM machine? Pretty good.

There’s much more to our story. We could talk about it for hours. At your place, or at our factory. You are very welcome.

Want to hear the whole story?

Please get in touch us for a personal introduction.